The “LaCoqueFrancaise” brand is shaking up the mobile phone accessory market by inventing the new fashionable phenomenon:

The phone chain !

Creators of trendy and innovative collections resulting from the fusion of the worlds of high-tech and fashion.

Joëlle and Laurent Amsallem, the founders, have surfed since 2010 in the world of telephony accessories on the internet and with this know-how they had the idea of ​​adapting the N°1 telephone accessory: "the coque" to the world of fashion.

Practical, this chain will quickly become essential to avoid looking for your phone all the time, but also to complete the outfit of the moment.

Success is there with more than 500 points of sale in France and around the world , and famous influencers who have already relayed the information on social networks.

LaCoqueFrancaise offers a very wide choice female target more than 100 models of telephone chains in the form of different capsule collections, and will unveil its first collection for Men next fall.

Strong news that announces other collaborations with major brands to come. 

Following the success of multiple operations over the past 2 years with the Parisian department store “Le Bon Marché”, including a collab. with the Antik Batik brand, they have finally taken the leap from web to retail with the opening of the brand's first store .

This store is located in Marseille in their city of heart within the Les Terrasses du Port Shopping Center, you will find all the models of the brand but also exclusive limited editions. 


Emma chain – Natural green clay beads 

The French touch or simply elegance!




French brand created in 2010, LaCoqueFrançaise draws its inspiration from the south of France in Marseille.

Our team of graphic designers and illustrators, always at the forefront of the latest trends, work on original prints and illustrations. All prints are made in our workshop and guarantee 100% French quality.

Today we have decided to go further and make your smartphone  a real fashion accessory, combining practicality and trend.

Our source of inspiration, the free and active woman. Because yes, our jewelry chains will make it easier to use your smartphones and save time.


Our plus:

Make your phone a real fashion accessory and an essential part of your dressing room.


Our chains are available in many colors and materials and can enhance all your looks.