How to choose the right phone case?



You want to buy a phone case but you don't know what type of case to choose? Between shockproof, rigid, 360°, flexible you no longer know where to turn, in this guide you will be able to help you choose more easily.

To choose the right phone case, there are several criteria to take into account:

  • Protection
  • The style
  • The type

Hull Protection

The main reason to buy a case is to protect your phone, still need to know which one? Simply by asking the right questions, do I need additional front protection? A hull with reinforced corners? Full or soft shell?

Hull Style

What style do you like? Are you looking for a simple, shiny or matte style?

The Hull Type

There are several types of phone case, flexible, shockproof, 360°, soft touch glossy, mirror.


Soft phone case:



      The flexible yet rigid silicone case perfectly matches the shape of your smartphone to effectively protect it in the event of a fall.

       The transparent soft shell protects your smartphone while revealing its original color.

       We offer you a cover that is both protective and trendy. In addition, our shell is easy to use, it lifts easily and instinctively.

Reinforced soft phone case:


             The shell has reinforced edges adapted to your mobile, thus offering great protection to your smartphone.

             This case is made of high quality silicone. The back of the phone as well as the edges are effectively protected. Reinforced edges provide additional protection.

             Its precise cutouts allow free access to all the features and connectors of your Device.

              Impeccable support, good grip. It is finally possible to wear ultimate protection without having to adopt a cover that is too bulky.

360° phone case:

      The 360° Ultra slim front back cover protects your phone completely. Quick and easy installation of the hull thanks to its ease of use. We also offer a wide range of customization thanks to our high quality printing carried out in France in our premises.

       It thus offers personalization and protection against everyday shocks. Its coating allows the use of your touch screen once installed and the shell gives free access to all the connectors and functionalities of the mobile.

Mirror phone case:




                Our products combine innovative know-how and design. Our mirror case truly reflects your style and identity.

                Our cases are perfect for those who want to maintain a flawless hairstyle or makeup all day long.

                The corners and edges of your mobile phone are reliably protected by the flexible silicone frame, which also makes it easier to attach.

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